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Kylee's Merch

Welcome to Kylee’s Merch
Kylee was born with esophageal atresia, tethered spinal cord and most of you know she was also born deaf. The list can go on, but we are here for positivity. We show her every day the possibilities and options there are out there. Social media has given us a great platform to share and teach. Learning ASL together has been such a great bonding experience.
Kylee imagination is so pure and joyful it’s been a exciting showing what a happy and strong girl she is. Kylee ‘s fans have asked for merch and Kylee was thrilled to design.
Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to share and tag us with your merch.


Instagram / Facebook : Tj and Kylee
Tik tok : cargo_shorts_dad

*Please note:

We keep the colors and styles as close in style as we can, but sometimes we have to mix and match. They will always be the quality as shown, and if it is not available, we upgrade it for free

Please allow 2-3 weeks processing time, then your order will be shipped! Look for a confirmation email with tracking upon shipment.

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