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Looking for a merch vendor?

Look no further!

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am the owner of Jamma Vinyl & Design. I would love to create, sell, AND SHIP your merch to your fans at no cost to you!


How does this work? 


1. Choose an item(s)


2. Send me your design/logo.


Don't have one? Don't worry! I can help you to create one!


From there, I will create your item for a flat rate at no charge to you and all you have to do is promote it for whatever price you want over my flat rate! I will list the items on your customized page from my website and then you can post the link where your fans can purchase your merch! The rest is up to me.


When a customer buys your item, I will be responsible for producing, shipping, and charging them for the item at the set price you chose. You will receive your portion of the profits based on our agreed upon schedule. For example, if “Jane Doe” was collabing with me and she sells her branded t-shirts for $20/each, with a flat rate of $15/each, she makes $5.00 for every shirt she sells!


Let me know if you like the idea of not having to create, purchase, warehouse, sell, and distribute your branded merch while also making a profit!


I look forward to hearing back from you so we can talk about collaborating and getting your brand to your fans! 

Thank you!

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