The McCartys Merch


It all began in the early 90’s when Kevin and Stephanie met as schoolmates. They grew up, apart, and were reintroduced in their 20’s. As Stephanie walked away, she had a hilarious memory of Kevin and knew that she needed to find him on social media. Years later, family members watched with fearful anticipation as the two biggest trouble makers and class clowns walked down the aisle to begin what would become The McCartys. 

Kevin has created video content since his teen years for his own enjoyment. When Audriana was born in 2016, he gained the ultimate prop - full of sass and sweetness, he and Audri would create videos for Stephanie while she was working, out of town. The creative content evolved, catching attention from local news stations from the videos Kevin created with his students at school to foster engagement and team spirit.

In 2019, Braxton joined the clan to create the ultimate foursome. As 2020 brought so many changes for all, Stephanie was working in healthcare operations and Kevin was at home with the two kids with no choice but to entertain themselves for the sanity of everyone. He has since created thousands of TikToks to make the world laugh a little more. He and Stephanie both enjoy creating content to help businesses highlight their products and services. Audriana loves being the star of the show and Braxton - well, he’s going to have a lot of questions when he grows up.