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This design holds a special place in my heart. I recently gave birth to my third child and it just seemed fitting to design around that this time. The first white flower. In our promise garden of flowers at The Walk to End Alzheimer's, each color stands for something-

Orange: A Vision of a world without Alzheimer's

Yellow: Those who care for someone with Alzheimer's

Purple: Those who have lost someone to Alzheimer's

Blue: Those who suffer with Alzheimer's WHITE: A HOPE FOR THE FIRST SURVIVOR 


Each year I walk for my Grandpa Ted and for my children. I walk so that one day as my kids grow, they won' have to deal with this awful disease in the same way I do. So that one day it will be cured! My hope is that our kids will see that first survivor! #1stWhiteFlower

The 20% kickback proceeds

will go to Brighton's Walk

to End Alzheimers

Please keep in mind that once a week, the orders will be counted, made and fufilled!

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