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Hello Howell Football Parents!

Thank you for choosing Jamma Vinyl and Design to provide your spiritwear!

1. Please choose your design

2. Please see the key to pick your garment from the drop down boxes

3. Make sure to add the "back" option to your cart if you want a customized back

4. The colors shown are what colors each design comes in. IF you choose a green garment, the green writing will be changed to black.

5. Each garment comes with glitter if you'd like. When you checkout, if you'd like glitter, please write what you'd like in the "add note" section. You can do half glitter and half not, which is the most popular. For example, for the Howell Football design, you can say "Howell glitter, football not". 

6. If you choose a customized back, you will also need to add that info in the "add note" section.

Thank you!

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