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Please keep in mind, every 7 days orders will be counted, ordered and fufilled. Thank you!

Fund a Life was created to help individuals and families overcome financial and emotional obstacles caused by life-altering circumstances of all kinds. Our founder’s life, Mark Howell, was “funded” by his community after being diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma at the age of 30, and two short weeks after the birth of his oldest child. Given weeks to live, Mark’s journey back to health is one of hope, community, and love.

After a 4 year war his body waged on cancer through surgeries, treatments, and travel to numerous leader cancer clinics across the US, Mark’s desire to utilize his journey in a way to help others facing life-altering circumstances came to fruition through his creation of Fund a Life. Fund a Life would be a means for people to acquire individual grants in time of crisis in their lives when help is needed the most. Fund a Life would help shine light in the darkest of moments, much like Mark’s community did for him.

With a huge vision and lofty goals of impacting thousands of lives, Mark and a team of self-less individuals are working hard to expand the reach of Fund a Life, and become a solid foundation for people to lean on both locally, and nationally. Join our mission today and help Fund a Life.