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Our sweet Beau Beau walked joyously into the greatness of Heaven holding the hand of Jesus on June 22, 2022. Our family members and friends that preceded Beau, were there to greet him with hugs and kisses. Although his number of days were short, his impact and legacy on our family and beyond has been and will always be immeasurable. Beau Brosius Burns (which means: "Beautiful Eternal Stream") was born April 27, 2021, to Rob Burns and Jenny (Beaudine) Burns in McKinney, Texas. He was the most loving, joyful, curious, and caring boy. His easy going self would only cry if he was hungry or missed the comfort of his mother’s touch. With his contagious smile, deep blue eyes and golden blonde hair, our beautiful Beau was a sight to be seen. He was always in a hurry to walk, talk and discover something new everyday. He loved being chased by his big sister, Emma, his cuddles with mommy and playing games with daddy. But it was his love for the water that brought him the most joy. Beau’s spirit was pure and whole. He always loved showing his affection through applause and high fives, with a few love bites mixed in. Our son is a hero and a miracle now to four families, donating his kidneys, liver and heart through Southwest Transplant Alliance.


Beau - We're so proud of you; you did a good job.



April 27, 2021 - June 22, 2022

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