Anastasia's Fight

I found out I was pregnant with twins and about two weeks later I found out there was something wrong. The OBGYN thought maybe it was a tumor that could be removed after birth but after meeting with maternal fetal medicine and tons of ultrasounds later we had to come to terms with one of our twins was not considered compatible with life and was diagnosed with anencephaly. Preparing most of my pregnancy for the worst to come and spending a month before delivery in the hospital for 24/7 monitoring I gave birth to two beautiful girls. Anastasia actually died and came back after hearing her sister cry. She was born 3 lbs 12oz. NICU would not take her and they told me to enjoy what time I could with her because she could pass at any moment. After 6 weeks of no sleep I reached out to every doctor I could to see if someone would see her. Our local pediatrician agreed for wellness checkups but when she got RSV he wouldn’t admit her because she was considered terminal. We had spoke with Texas children’s previously about possible brain surgery and the pedi said if she survived a week after her RSV diagnosis he would give the Referal. Once she survived and got the Referal her brain surgery went underway 3 months later. She was considered thriving after that until she got her first round of her “newborn” shots which put her body into a constant state of seizures and almost killed her. She is now on medicine to treat them but she is bed ridden as we are working with many therapists to help build muscle strength. She has her good days and her bad days. She is nonverbal and we believe she is partially blind but it’s hard to find doctors who will evaluate and treat her. She is our angel and has a significant purpose in this world that God is trying to show.

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